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Deflem, Mathieu - The Handbook of Social Control, ebook

The Handbook of Social Control

Deflem, Mathieu


The Handbook of Social Control offers a comprehensive review of the concepts of social control in today's environment and focuses on the most relevant theories associated with

Henry, Stuart - Social Deviance, ebook

Social Deviance

Henry, Stuart


The new edition of this popular introduction explores the meaning of social deviance in contemporary society. It traces the path by which we create deviance: how we single out behavior, ideas, and appearances that differ from the “norm,” label them as either offensive or acceptable,

Heitmeyer, Wilhelm - Control of Violence, ebook

Control of Violence

Heitmeyer, Wilhelm


Self-Control and the Management of Violence
Charles R. Tittle
5. Self-Control, Conscience, and Criminal Violence: Some Preliminary Considerations
Helmut Thome
6. Reading Religious Violence in Terms of Theories of

Chen, Qi - Governance, Social Control and Legal Reform in China, ebook

Governance, Social Control and Legal Reform in China

Chen, Qi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Qi Chen
2. Liberal Governance, Social Control and CSM
Qi Chen
3. Disciplinary Governance and Social Control in China
Qi Chen
4. The Imposition of CSM in China
Qi Chen
5. The Implementation of CSM in China
Qi Chen
6. Reshaping Disciplinary Governance