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Golbeck, Jennifer - Computing with Social Trust, ebook

Computing with Social Trust

Golbeck, Jennifer


Introduction to Computing with Social Trust
Jennifer Golbeck
2. Examining Trust, Forgiveness and Regret as Computational Concepts
Stephen Marsh, Pamela Briggs
3. A Non-reductionist Approach to Trust

Colman, Alan - Pervasive Social Computing, ebook

Pervasive Social Computing

Colman, Alan


Social Context Modelling, Reasoning and Management
4. Social Context Modelling
Muhammad Ashad Kabir, Jun Han, Alan Colman
5. Social Context Reasoning
Muhammad Ashad Kabir, Jun Han, Alan Colman
6. Social Context Management
Muhammad Ashad Kabir,

Young, Michael J. - Social Computing and Behavioral Modeling, ebook

Social Computing and Behavioral Modeling

Young, Michael J.


When is social computation better than the sum of its parts?
Vadas Gintautas, Aric Hagberg, Luís M. A. Bettencourt
15. The Dilemma of Social Order in Iraq
Michael Hechter, Nika Kabiri
16. A Socio-Technical Approach to Understanding Perceptions of

Hoi, Steven C.H. - Social Media Modeling and Computing, ebook

Social Media Modeling and Computing

Hoi, Steven C.H.


Quantifying Visual-Representativeness of Social Image Tags Using Image Tag Clarity
Aixin Sun, Sourav S. Bhowmick
2. Tag-Based Social Image Search: Toward Relevant and Diverse Results
Kuiyuan Yang, Meng Wang, Xian-Sheng

Ao, Sio Iong - Intelligent Control and Innovative Computing, ebook

Intelligent Control and Innovative Computing

Ao, Sio Iong


Table of contents
1. Reciprocally Convex Approach for the Stability of Networked Control Systems
Jeong Wan Ko, PooGyeon Park
2. Space Robot Control for Unknown Target Handling
Shinichi Tsuda, Takuro Kobayashi
3. Multi-Sensor Architectures
D. M. Akbar Hussain, Zaki Ahmed, M. Z. Khan
4. Five-Axis Curve

Draude, Claude - Computing Bodies, ebook

Computing Bodies

Draude, Claude


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Claude Draude
2. The Interface
Claude Draude
3. Reflections
Claude Draude
4. Realizing the Agent Interface
Claude Draude
5. Passing as Human
Claude Draude

Amaturo, Enrica - Data Science and Social Research, ebook

Data Science and Social Research

Amaturo, Enrica


On Data, Big Data and Social Research. Is It a Real Revolution?
Federico Neresini
3. New Data Science: The Sociological Point of View
Biagio Aragona
4. Data Revolutions in Sociology
Barbara Saracino
5. Blurry Boundaries: Internet, Big-New Data,