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Kirk, John - Class, Culture and Social Change, ebook

Class, Culture and Social Change

Kirk, John


Working through Change (i): Oral Testimony and the Language of Class
John Kirk
7. Working through Change (ii): Work-life Histories and Narratives of Class
John Kirk
8. Conclusion
John Kirk

Cox, Pat - Qualitative Research and Social Change, ebook

Qualitative Research and Social Change

Cox, Pat


Introduction: The Importance of Qualitative Research to Social Change — Preliminary Considerations
Pat Cox, Thomas Geisen, Roger Green
Part I. Exploring Concepts and Approaches
2. Changing Research, Research for

Gildart, Keith - Youth Culture and Social Change, ebook

Youth Culture and Social Change

Gildart, Keith


The Language of the Unheard: Social Media and Riot Subculture/s
Louis Rice
4. ‘My Manor’s Ill’: How Underground Music Told the Real Story of the UK Riots
Sarah Attfield
5. ‘A Different Vibe and a Different Place’: Re-telling the Riots –

Capous-Desyllas, Moshoula - Creating Social Change Through Creativity, ebook

Creating Social Change Through Creativity

Capous-Desyllas, Moshoula


Mapping Social and Gender Inequalities: An Analysis of Art and New Media Work Created by Adolescent Girls in a Juvenile Arbitration Program
Olga Ivashkevich, DeAnne K. Hilfinger Messias, Suzan N. Soltani, Ebru Cayir
10. Smoking Cessation in Mental Health Communities:

Themelis, Spyros - Social Change and Education in Greece, ebook

Social Change and Education in Greece

Themelis, Spyros


The Political Economy, Social Stratification, and Class Formation in Postwar Greece
Spyros Themelis
5. Education, Social Mobility, and the Question of Meritocracy
Spyros Themelis
6. Contextualizing the Case Study

Doetsch-Kidder, Sharon - Social Change and Intersectional Activism, ebook

Social Change and Intersectional Activism

Doetsch-Kidder, Sharon


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sharon Doetsch-Kidder
2. Loving Criticism: A Spiritual Philosophy of Social Change
Sharon Doetsch-Kidder
3. Love: Activist Motivations
Sharon Doetsch-Kidder
4. Faith: Connecting Activist Beliefs and Methods
Sharon Doetsch-Kidder
5. Joy: Activist Pleasures

Wilkins, Karin - The Handbook of Development Communication and Social Change, ebook

The Handbook of Development Communication and Social Change

Wilkins, Karin


This valuable resource offers a wealth of practical and conceptual guidance to all those engaged in struggles for social justice around the world. It explains in accessible language and painstaking detail how to deploy and to understand the tools of media and communication in advancing the