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Morgan, Craig - Principles of Social Psychiatry, ebook

Principles of Social Psychiatry

Morgan, Craig


Social psychiatry is concerned with the effects of the social environment on the mental health of the individual, and with the effects of the person with a mental disorder on his/her social environment.  The

Kemshall, Hazel - Crime and Social Policy, ebook

Crime and Social Policy

Kemshall, Hazel


Crime and Social Policy provides an invaluable examination of the relationship between social policy and crime. It draws on recent empirical research to offer important insights into the impact of current social

Archer, Margaret S. - Social Morphogenesis, ebook

Social Morphogenesis

Archer, Margaret S.


Social Morphogenesis and Societal Transformation?
2. Morphogenesis and Social Change
Douglas V. Porpora
3. The Morphogenetic Approach and the Idea of a Morphogenetic Society: The Role of Regularities
Andrea M. Maccarini
4. Emergence and Morphogenesis:

Abbott, Martin Lee - Understanding and Applying Research Design, ebook

Understanding and Applying Research Design

Abbott, Martin Lee


A fresh approach to bridging research design with statistical analysis
While good social science requires both research design and statistical analysis, most books treat these two areas separately. Understanding and Applying Research Design introduces an accessible approach to integrating

Rubens, Tom - Economic Reform and a Liberal Culture, ebook

Economic Reform and a Liberal Culture

Rubens, Tom


The first deals with social, economic and cultural issues; the second with topics which are essentially philosophical; and the third with themes which are chiefly literary. Throughout, the viewpoint expressed is that of secular humanism.

Goossens, Richard H.M. - Advances in Social & Occupational Ergonomics, ebook

Advances in Social & Occupational Ergonomics

Goossens, Richard H.M.


Social and Occupational Innovation
7. Caregiver Centered Transfer Aid Designed for Home Care Needs
Kao-Hua Liu, Chien-Hsu Chen
8. Employment Opportunities for Mature Age People in the Electrical Sector in Lodz Voivodeship in Poland
Aleksandra Polak-Sopińska

Decker, Scott H. - The Handbook of Gangs, ebook

The Handbook of Gangs

Decker, Scott H.


Pulling together the most salient, current issues in the field today, The Handbook of Gangs provides a significant assessment by leading scholars of key topics related to gangs, gang members, and responses to gangs.
•  Chapters cover a wide…