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Fish, Julie - Heterosexism in Health and Social Care, ebook

Heterosexism in Health and Social Care

Fish, Julie


Assessing the Health and Social Care Needs of Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals
Julie Fish
3. Intersecting Identities: Recognising the Heterogeneity of LGBT Communities
Julie Fish
4. Conducting Research among LGB

Pratesi, Alessandro - Doing Care, Doing Citizenship, ebook

Doing Care, Doing Citizenship

Pratesi, Alessandro


Feeling the Experience of Care: Emotional Typologies
Alessandro Pratesi
8. Emotional Stratification, Social Inclusion and Citizenship
Alessandro Pratesi
9. Please, Just Call Us Parents
Alessandro Pratesi

Boldt, Joachim - Care in Healthcare, ebook

Care in Healthcare

Boldt, Joachim


Understanding Care: Introductory Remarks
Franziska Krause, Joachim Boldt
2. Forgotten Approaches to Care: The Human Being as Neighbour in the German-Jewish Tradition of the Nineteenth Century
Elisabeth Conradi

Michel, Sonya - Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care, ebook

Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care

Michel, Sonya


Caring Around the Pacific Rim
1. Introduction
Sonya Michel, Ito Peng
2. Intersections of Migrant Care Work: An Overview
Fiona Williams
Part II. Everyday Realities and Cultures of Care
3. Immigrant Women and Home-Based Elder Care