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Araujo, Aurelio L. - Smart Structures and Materials, ebook

Smart Structures and Materials

Araujo, Aurelio L.


Design of Control Concepts for a Smart Beam Structure with Sensitivity Analysis of the System
Sushan Li, Steffen Ochs, Elena Slomski, Tobias Melz
7. Adaptive Inductor for Vibration Damping in Presence of Uncertainty
Bilal Mokrani, Ioan Burda, André Preumont

Chu, Liang-Yin - Smart Hydrogel Functional Materials, ebook

Smart Hydrogel Functional Materials

Chu, Liang-Yin


Table of contents
Part I. Thermo-responsive Hydrogel Functional Materials
1. Structure-Function Relationship of Thermo-responsive Hydrogels
Liang-Yin Chu, Rui Xie, Xiao-Jie Ju, Wei Wang
2. Preparation and Properties of Monodisperse Thermo-responsive Microgels
Liang-Yin Chu, Rui Xie, Xiao-Jie Ju, Wei Wang

Monk, Paul M. S. - Electrochromic Materials and Devices, ebook

Electrochromic Materials and Devices

Monk, Paul M. S.


Electrochromic materials can change their properties under the influence of an electrical voltage or current. Different classes of materials show this behavior such as transition metal oxides, conjugated polymers, metal-coordinated complexes and organic