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Zhu, Min - Business, Economics, Financial Sciences, and Management, ebook

Business, Economics, Financial Sciences, and Management

Zhu, Min


Health Economics and Management Framework Based on Chongqing Regional Health Information Platform
Ping Cheng
2. The Strategic Thinking of the Economic Transition in the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Taiwan Straits China
Pengyi Zhu
3. System

Rüdiger, Klaus - Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Crisis, ebook

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Crisis

Rüdiger, Klaus


Youth Entrepreneurship and Crisis in the Health, Beauty and Sport Sectors
Alicia Blanco-González, Francisco Díez-Martín, Ana Cruz-Suarez, Alberto Prado-Román
7. Proactive Management of Core Competencies, Innovation and Business Performance in a Period of

Phillips-Wren, Gloria - Advances in Intelligent Decision Technologies, ebook

Advances in Intelligent Decision Technologies

Phillips-Wren, Gloria


Integration of Financial and Non-financial Information for Decision-Making by Using Goal Programming and Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process on a Capital Budgeting Investment Case Study
Yu-Cheng Tang, Ching-Ter Chang
V.. Optimization-Based Intelligent Techniques

Kavoura, Androniki - Strategic Innovative Marketing, ebook

Strategic Innovative Marketing

Kavoura, Androniki


The Relation of Knowledge Management and Marketing Communication of Small and Medium-Sized Producers in the Segment of Outdoor Clothing in the Czech Republic
Pavel Mráček, Martin Mucha
30. Reverse Logistics in Marketing Campaigns
František Milichovský