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Lu, Shu-Ling - Innovation in Small Professional Practices in the Built Environment, ebook

Innovation in Small Professional Practices in the Built Environment

Lu, Shu-Ling


From the book’s Foreword by Trevor Mole, Managing Director, Property Tectonics; President of the European Association of Building Surveyors and Construction Experts:
‘Shu-Ling and Martin have built on their research work and that of others to produce an understandable and readable insight into innovation in

Kennedy, Anna - Business Development For Dummies, ebook

Business Development For Dummies

Kennedy, Anna


Growing a small business requires more than just sales
Business Development For Dummies helps maximise the growth of small- or medium-sized businesses, with a step-by-step model for business development designed

Luo, Zongwei - Mechanism Design for Sustainability, ebook

Mechanism Design for Sustainability

Luo, Zongwei


Introduction to Mechanism Design for Sustainability
Zongwei Luo
Part II. Mechanism Design Techniques for Sustainability
2. Multi-criteria Decision-Making: A Mechanism Design Technique

Cranefield, Jocelyn - Social Knowledge Management in Action, ebook

Social Knowledge Management in Action

Cranefield, Jocelyn


0 Applications for Knowledge Management in Small and Micro Firms: Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Approach
Ettore Bolisani, Enrico Scarso
6. Web 2.0 and Personal Knowledge Management: A Framework of Skills for Effectiveness