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Washington, Booker T. - Up from Slavery, ebook

Up from Slavery

Washington, Booker T.


The fascinating autobiography of late-19th/early-20th century African American educator, author, orator, and political leader Booker T. Washington.

Boritt, Gabor S. - Slavery, Resistance, Freedom, ebook

Slavery, Resistance, Freedom

Boritt, Gabor S.


Boritt Introduction Scott Hancock Ch 1: American Slavery in History and Memory, Ira Berlin Ch 2: The Quest for Freedom: Runaway Slaves and the Plantation South, John Hope Franklin and Loren Schweniger Ch 3: "Tradition Informs Us": African Americans' Construction of

Stewart, Roberta - Plautus and Roman Slavery, ebook

Plautus and Roman Slavery

Stewart, Roberta

From 72,80€

This book studies a crucial phase in the history of Roman slavery, beginning with the transition to chattel slavery in the third century bce and ending with antiquity’s first large-scale slave rebellion in the 130s bce. Slavery

Wright, Robert E. - The Poverty of Slavery, ebook

The Poverty of Slavery

Wright, Robert E.


Table of contents
1. Yet Another Half Untold
Robert E. Wright
2. Various Degrees of Liberty
Robert E. Wright
3. A Not So Peculiar Institution
Robert E. Wright
4. Slavery Resilient
Robert E. Wright
5. That Which Is Seen: Enslavers’ Profits
Robert E. Wright
6. That Which Is Unseen I:

Halpern, Rick - Slavery and Emancipation, ebook

Slavery and Emancipation

Halpern, Rick


Slavery and Emancipation is a comprehensive collection of primary and secondary readings on the history of slaveholding in the American South combining recent historical research with period documents.
The most comprehensive collection of primary and secondary readings on the history

Ennals, Richard - From Slavery to Citizenship, ebook

From Slavery to Citizenship

Ennals, Richard


From Slavery to Citizenship is part of a bigger picture - a development process which will enable us to gain more control over our own lives and to participate in decisions about the future direction of society and the organisations we are involved in.