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Masterton, Bob - To Be a Slave, ebook

To Be a Slave

Masterton, Bob


Still in their position as police officers, the couple are horrified at the all-too obvious differences in this alternative world; the shaving of the heads and bodies of those convicted, the mind-numbing toil of the capstan, the pony training, the slave galleys, the

Nano, Slave - Dungeon Mistress Adventures, ebook

Dungeon Mistress Adventures

Nano, Slave

From 3,55€

What is it like to serve a dungeon mistress? What is it like to submit to a powerful, cruel and imaginative dominatrix? Find out in this series of four themed stories involving Mistress Nemesis, her slave, Nano, and her transvestite toy and assistant, Vicky. Follow her as she torments

Nano, Slave - Pandora, ebook


Nano, Slave


After a busy day tormenting some of her slaves she is taken away for interrogation by the secret police where she faces torture more severe than anything she has dished out to her slaves. The distraught Vicky and Nano Mk II are

Hughes, Louis - Thirty Years a Slave, ebook

Thirty Years a Slave

Hughes, Louis


Louis Hughes was born into slavery in Virginia in 1832. Over the thirty years he was a slave he secretly learned to read and write, and then published this incredibly detailed autobiography about his experiences of slavery.

Aaron, Frank - Mistress - Slave Contest, ebook

Mistress - Slave Contest

Aaron, Frank


The viewers vote not on who should leave the island but who should be Mistress and slave! Andrea is an arrogant, self important lawyer with her own sex slave who holds the most fierce hatred for another lawyer and a judge. When

Bell, Becky - Perfect Slave, ebook

Perfect Slave

Bell, Becky


She has never confessed to anyone that she dreams of being a slave, of being bound and whipped and made to obey her master's every whim. Not until she meets Charles Darrington Hawksworth. Hawksworth has just taken over the company she works for, and she finds herself

Bruno, Victor - The Captain's Slaves, ebook

The Captain's Slaves

Bruno, Victor


Karen, most definitely, is not having a good time! Things get worse when Gavin tires of her and abducts the beautiful Trudi, putting the new slave through the same training which had cowed and enslaved poor Karen, only this time with Karen’s enforced assistance!

Brynn, Thomas - The Centurion's Slaves, ebook

The Centurion's Slaves

Brynn, Thomas


This is the story of Sextus Quintuss Marcellus, Citizen of Rome, commander in the Roman army, sweeping Britain clean of slaves! The natives, young males and females, are brought into camp to be used by the soldiers, who 'teach' them in obedience with great suffering

Downes, Nick - Legacy of Slaves, ebook

Legacy of Slaves

Downes, Nick


Terry’s great uncle has died and bequeathed him a ranch - full of slaves. Terry, a mere novice at the art of discipline, has a lot to get used to and a lot of pre-conditions to shed on how slaves should be treated as Madam Imogene

Gaiton, Roget - Weekend Slave, ebook

Weekend Slave

Gaiton, Roget


Meeting the 'normal' couple at a BDSM party didn't seem to pose any long term threat to the writer's way of life, until they turned up on his doorstep, suitcase in hand, with the Master offering his slave for training for the entire weekend! During the course of the weekend, the writer is