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Stevens, Marco - The Kadison-Singer Property, ebook

The Kadison-Singer Property

Stevens, Marco


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Marco Stevens
2. Pure State Extensions in Linear Algebra
Marco Stevens
3. State Spaces and the Kadison-Singer Property
Marco Stevens
4. Maximal Abelian C ^* ?

Shafton, Anthony - Dream-Singers: The African-American Way with Dreams, ebook

Dream-Singers: The African-American Way with Dreams

Shafton, Anthony


Advance Praise for Dream-Singers
"You will find a great storehouse of folk and literary treasures in this ambitious book that speaks to anyone who has ever thought about his or her dreams. It's a wonderful adventure and I highly recommend it."-Clarence Major, author of Configurations and Juba to Jive
Acclaim for

Charteris, Evan - John Singer Sargent, ebook

John Singer Sargent

Charteris, Evan


John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) wurde in Florenz geboren. Sein Werk spiegelt seine privilegierte Erziehung wider.Der Einfluss von Florenz, der Kampf zwischen Natur und Kultur - von hügeligen Landschaften zu Galerien voller Meisterwerke - sowie die ständige Gelegenheit, an intellektuellen

Ferris, George - Great Singers: Malibran to Titiens, ebook

Great Singers: Malibran to Titiens

Ferris, George


A fantastic look at the life of nine historical singers: • Maria Felicia Malibran • Wilhemina Schroder-Devrient • Giulia Grisi • Pauline Viardot • Fanny Persiani • Marietta Alboni • Jenny Lind • Sophie Cruvelli • Theresa Titiens

Singer, Michael - The Legacy of Positivism, ebook

The Legacy of Positivism

Singer, Michael


The Critic and the Disciple
Michael Singer
6. The Structure of the Legacy of Positivism
Michael Singer
Part III. The Legacy of Positivism in Law
7. The Legacy of Positivism in the Autonomy of Law