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Bulatov, Vasily - Computer Simulations of Dislocations, ebook

Computer Simulations of Dislocations

Bulatov, Vasily


The book presents a variety of methods for computer simulations of crystal defects in the form of "numerical recipes", complete with computer codes and analysis tools. By working through numerous case studies and problems, this book provides a useful star... Copying to clipboard limited

Fetzer, Michael - Simulations for Personnel Selection, ebook

Simulations for Personnel Selection

Fetzer, Michael


Candidate Reactions to Simulations and Media-Rich Assessments in Personnel Selection
Valentina Bruk-Lee, Erica N. Drew, Ben Hawkes
4. Simulation Technologies
Ben Hawkes
5. Simulation Scoring
Eric Sydell, Jared Ferrell, Jacqueline Carpenter, Christopher

Rothrock, Ling - Human-in-the-Loop Simulations, ebook

Human-in-the-Loop Simulations

Rothrock, Ling


Interactive Simulations: History, Features, and Trends
S. Narayanan, Phani Kidambi
2. Performance Measurement and Evaluation in Human-in-the-Loop Simulations
Ling Rothrock
3. Virtual and Constructive Simulations

Kimko, Holly H. C. - Clinical Trial Simulations, ebook

Clinical Trial Simulations

Kimko, Holly H. C.


Viral Dynamic Modeling and Simulations in HIV and Hepatitis C
Philippe Jacqmin, Eric Snoeck
12. A Model-Based PK/PD Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Drug Development Platform to Simultaneously Combat Infectious Diseases and Drug Resistance
N. L’ntshotsholé

Yip, Sidney - Scientific Modeling and Simulations, ebook

Scientific Modeling and Simulations

Yip, Sidney


Extrapolative procedures in modelling and simulations: the role of instabilities
Göran Grimvall
4. Characteristic quantities and dimensional analysis
Göran Grimvall
5. Accuracy of models
Göran Grimvall
6. Multiscale simulations

Arai, Kiyoshi - Gaming, Simulations, and Society, ebook

Gaming, Simulations, and Society

Arai, Kiyoshi


Table of contents
1. Toward a New Science of Simulation and Gaming: ISAGA and the Identity Problem of Simulation and Gaming as an Academic Discipline
Rei Shiratori
Part I.Social Sciences and Simulation and Gaming
2. The Game of “Forming a Coalition Government”
Masayoshi Kuboya, Satoshi Kimura
3. Environmental