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Scott, Susie - Shyness and Society, ebook

Shyness and Society

Scott, Susie


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Entering the Secret World of the Shy
Susie Scott
2. Shyness in Cultural and Historical Perspective
Susie Scott
3. Dramaturgical Dilemmas of the Shy Self
Susie Scott
4. Outsiders and Enclosures
Susie Scott
5. Poise, Performance and Self-Presentation

London, Jack - The Enemy of All the World, ebook

The Enemy of All the World

London, Jack


At school the boy proves to be really smart, but his excessive shyness prevents him from making friends, and condemn him to a life of loneliness and misunderstanding. At the age of twentyseven Emil publishes a book on marriage, totally misunderstood by the critics,

Azzopardi, Andrew - Youth: Responding to Lives, ebook

Youth: Responding to Lives

Azzopardi, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andrew Azzopardi
2. Re-Vitalising the Youth Subculture Concept
Albert Bell
3. Serv(ic)Ing the Country?
Arun Kumar
4. Youth Activism
Andrew Azzopardi
5. Spatio-Temporal Concepts and the Sociophysical Realities Impinging on the Rehabilitation of Incarcerated

Arrow, Alison W. - Literacy in the Early Years, ebook

Literacy in the Early Years

Arrow, Alison W.


Child Shyness and Reading Ability in Encounters with Difficult Words During Shared Book Reading
Mary Ann Evans, Kailey Pearl Ennis
8. The Hakalama: The ʻAha Pūnana Leo’s Syllabic Hawaiian Reading Program
William H. Wilson, Kauanoe Kamanā
9. How