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Redmond, Christopher - Sherlock Holmes and The Lufton Lady, ebook

Sherlock Holmes and The Lufton Lady

Redmond, Christopher


The Lufton Lady reveals an episode from the early career of Sherlock Holmes — an incident that proves the great detective had a heart as well as a brain. The story is told mostly in excerpts from the journal of an aristocrat who finds himself caught

Murray, Andrew - The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book, ebook

The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book

Murray, Andrew


In which street is the Diogenes Club? A Study in Pink is a problem deserving how many nicotine patches? Who is found dead in a locked chamber, with a poison dart above his ear? Which company employed a full-time secretary to answer Sherlock-related mail? What kind of creature swallowed the

Bevelin, Peter - A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes, ebook

A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes

Bevelin, Peter


A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes is a book for those who want to improve their thinking. It is a practical and enjoyable book that tells in a short-easy-to-read way about what we all can learn from Sherlock

McMullen, Kieran - Sherlock Holmes and The Black Widower, ebook

Sherlock Holmes and The Black Widower

McMullen, Kieran


In the year 1908 Holmes believed himself to be in retirement. Watson was once again in private practice and unwed. Mrs. Hudson had gone to Sussex to act as Holmes's housekeeper. But the fates had agreed that Martha Hudson and John Watson should be together. Or had they? When Dr. Watson proposes

Marcum, David - Sherlock Holmes and A Quantity of Debt, ebook

Sherlock Holmes and A Quantity of Debt

Marcum, David


But is it possible that some crimes are better left undiscovered? Join Holmes and Watson as they travel from London to storm-wracked Bedfordshire, where the Great Detective finds himself uncovering the grisly truth concerning a half-century old murder.

Growick, Phil - The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes, ebook

The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes

Growick, Phil


In “The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes”, all the questions left at the surprise ending in “The Secret Journal of Dr. Watson”, will finally be answered.What happened to the Romanov Imperial Family? To Reilly, “Ace of Spies”? To Dr. Watson? But

Seitz, Stephen - Sherlock Holmes and The House of Pain, ebook

Sherlock Holmes and The House of Pain

Seitz, Stephen


When Sherlock Holmes in called on to find her, he discovers enormous, highly intelligent rats have made their home under the streets of London. Holmes is forced to confront the horrors of his