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Schober, Hans - Transparent Shells, ebook

Transparent Shells

Schober, Hans


This book describes the design, detailing and structural engineering of filigree, double-curved and long-span glazed shells of minimal weight and ingenious details.
Innovative, clear and understandable geometric principles for the design of double-curved shell structures are explained

Wiśniewski, S. - Finite Rotation Shells, ebook

Finite Rotation Shells

Wiśniewski, S.


Table of contents
Part I. Preliminaries
1. Introduction
S. Wiśniewski
2. Operations on tensors and their representations
S. Wiśniewski
Part II. Shell Equations
3. Rotations for 3D Cauchy continuum
S. Wiśniewski
4. 3D formulations with rotations
S. Wiśniewski
5. Basic geometric definitions

Sonak, Sangeeta M. - Marine Shells of Goa, ebook

Marine Shells of Goa

Sonak, Sangeeta M.


Table of contents
1. Molluscs and Their Shells
Sangeeta M. Sonak
2. Shell Habitats of Goa
Sangeeta M. Sonak
3. Cataloguing of Shells
Sangeeta M. Sonak
4. Shell Art and Shell Craft of Goa
Sangeeta M. Sonak
5. Some Interesting…

Grady, Dennis - Fragmentation of Rings and Shells, ebook

Fragmentation of Rings and Shells

Grady, Dennis


Shells: a Theoretical Formula for the Distribution of Weights of Fragments
N.F. Mott
11. A Theory of the Fragmentation of Shells and Bombs
N.F. Mott
12. Fragmentation of Shell Casings and the Theory of Rupture in Metals
N.F. Mott
13. A Theory

Meinhardt, Hans - The Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shells, ebook

The Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shells

Meinhardt, Hans


Table of contents
2. Shell patterns - a natural picture book to study dynamic systems and biological pattern formation
Hans Meinhardt
3. Pattern formation by local self-enhancement and long range inhibition
Hans Meinhardt
4. Oscillations…

Awrejcewicz, Jan - Thermo-Dynamics of Plates and Shells, ebook

Thermo-Dynamics of Plates and Shells

Awrejcewicz, Jan


Stability of Rectangular Shells within Temperature Field
3. Dynamical Behaviour and Stability of Closed Cylindrical Shells
4. Dynamical Behaviour and Stability of Rectangular Shells with Thermal Load
5. Dynamical Behaviour