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Planet, Lonely - Curiosities and Splendour, ebook

Curiosities and Splendour

Planet, Lonely


Journey back in time with this collection of classic travel writing from great authors and adventurers. These extraordinary odysseys over land and sea captivated audiences and gave them a glimpse into countries, cities and cultures like never before.
Tales include Robert Falcon Scott’s doomed Antarctic expedition

Carroll, Michael - The Seventh Landing, ebook

The Seventh Landing

Carroll, Michael


Table of contents
2. The First Explorers: Learning from History
Michael Carroll
3. Getting There the Second Time Around
Michael Carroll
4. Shackleton, the Home Site
Michael Carroll
5. Robot-Human Combo Systems
Michael Carroll
6. Scientific Reasons to Return
Michael Carroll
7. Going

Makin, Hugh L. J. - Steroid Analysis, ebook

Steroid Analysis

Makin, Hugh L. J.


Shackleton, William J. Griffiths
4. Immunoassay of Steroids
M. J. Wheeler, G. Barnard
5. Analysis of Corticosteroids
Robert Fraser, D. B. Gower, John W. Honour, Mary C. Ingram, Andrew T. Kicman, Hugh L. J. Makin, Paul M. Stewart
6. Analysis of Androgens

Adair, John - Inspiring Leadership - learning from great leaders, ebook

Inspiring Leadership - learning from great leaders

Adair, John


It features among others: Alexander the Great, Amundsen, Attila, Attlee, Bevan, Boudicca, Mike Brearley, Caesar, Churchill, de Gaulle, Einstein, Eisenhower, Elizabeth I, Gandhi, Sir Edmund Hillary, Ho Chih Min, Hsun-Tzu, Jefferson, Jesus, Jinnah, Kennedy, Lao Tzu, Lincoln, Machiavelli, Mandela, Montgomery,

Steventon, Alan - Intelligent Spaces, ebook

Intelligent Spaces

Steventon, Alan


Table of contents
1. Intelligent Spaces — The Vision,the Opportunities, and the Barriers
S Wright, A Steventon
2. The Socio-Economic Impact of Pervasive Computing — Intelligent Spaces and the Organisation of Business
M H Lyons, R Ellis, J M M Potter, D A M Holm, R Venousiou
3. No Pervasive Computing Without

Cheveigné, Alain - Auditory Signal Processing, ebook

Auditory Signal Processing

Cheveigné, Alain


Shackleton, Alan R. Palmer
47. Processing of interaural temporal disparities with both “transposed” and conventional stimuli
Leslie R. Bernstein, Constantine Trahiotis
48. Sound localization in the frontal horizontal plane by post-lingually deafened