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Bruder, Helen P. - Sexy Blake, ebook

Sexy Blake

Bruder, Helen P.


Introduction: ‘Bring me my Arrows of desire’: Sexy Blake in the Twenty-First Century
Helen P. Bruder, Tristanne Connolly
I. Violence and Dominance
2. Subjectivity, Mutuality and Masochism: Ahania in The Book of Ahania and The Four Zoas
Lucy Cogan

Forbes, Miranda - Seriously Sexy 3, ebook

Seriously Sexy 3

Forbes, Miranda


More wicked delights are waiting to be discovered! Editor Miranda Forbes has chosen twenty red hot short stories from the sexiest erotic writers around - they are certain to satisfy. Stories include: Picking The Man, Captive Dove, Wash And Blow Job, Running Free, The Peachy Talbot Fan

Walker, Joe Simpson - Lovedrool, ebook


Walker, Joe Simpson


A snowstorm leaves Splash and her motorbike stranded in a desolate countryside. She is rescued by Louise Lovedrool, who reluctantly takes her home where she is introduced to the odd ‘family’, who delight in strange behaviour including cross-dressing,…

England, Elizabeth - Love's Other Ways, ebook

Love's Other Ways

England, Elizabeth


Edward is a sadist who takes pleasure in whipping young women. Newly married, he also takes great pleasure in introducing his young wife to stringent discipline, using the cane to keep her firmly under his control

Downes, Nick - Lured Into Submission, ebook

Lured Into Submission

Downes, Nick


Margaret is married to an aristocrat who treats her like a slave, which, in some strange way, she rather enjoys. But her husband has darker plans than she ever dreamt of. Her orders are to find a beautiful, innocent victim and she sets her sights on the…

Selby, Roger Frank - The Farmer's Gun, ebook

The Farmer's Gun

Selby, Roger Frank


Farming in the Sixties is becoming a science, but the new hand on Doorstop Farm lacks qualifications as far as the explosive, hard-drinking Farmer Johnson is concered. Although Tom seems a bit slow, hired at her suggestion, Mrs Johnson finds young Tom…

Raines, Kimberley - The Urge to Obey, ebook

The Urge to Obey

Raines, Kimberley


James is a man who likes to dominate women. He works out, is good looking and thinks he has the world at his feet - until the woman he learns to call Mistress walks into his life and steals his urge to dominate! For her part, the Mistress is intrigued…