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Johnson, Katherine - Sexuality: A Psychosocial Manifesto, ebook

Sexuality: A Psychosocial Manifesto

Johnson, Katherine


The contemporary study of sexuality too often finds itself at an impasse, conceptualizing sexuality either psychologically or sociologically: sexologists and psychologists have tended to point to the biological origins of sexuality

Mottier, Veronique - Sexuality: A Very Short Introduction, ebook

Sexuality: A Very Short Introduction

Mottier, Veronique


Is our sexuality a product of our genes, or of society, culture, and politics? How have views of sexual norms changed over time? And how have feminism, religion, and HIV/AIDS affected our attitudes to sex? This Very Short Introduction examines these questions and many more, exploring what

Skinner, Marilyn B. - Sexuality in Greek and Roman Culture, ebook

Sexuality in Greek and Roman Culture

Skinner, Marilyn B.


Covers a wide range of subjects, including Greek pederasty and the symposium, ancient prostitution, representations of women in Greece and Rome, and the public regulation of sexual behaviorExpanded coverage extends to the advent of Christianity, includes added illustrations, and offers student-friendly

Murphy, Kevin P. - Historicising Gender and Sexuality, ebook

Historicising Gender and Sexuality

Murphy, Kevin P.


Historicising Gender and Sexuality features a diverse collection of essays that shed new light on the historical intersections between gender and sexuality across time and space.Features a wide and diverse range of scholarship to explore the historical

Plummer, Ken - Cosmopolitan Sexualities: Hope and the Humanist Imagination, ebook

Cosmopolitan Sexualities: Hope and the Humanist Imagination

Plummer, Ken


How are we to live with the wide varieties of sexuality and gender found across the rapidly changing global order? Whilst some countries have legislated in favour of same-sex marriage and the United Nations makes declarations about gender and sexual equality, many countries across the world

Hubbard, Thomas K. - A Companion to Greek and Roman Sexualities, ebook

A Companion to Greek and Roman Sexualities

Hubbard, Thomas K.

From 158,40€

A Companion to Greek and Roman Sexualities presents a comprehensive collection of original essays relating to aspects of gender and sexuality in the classical world. Views the various practices and discursive contexts of sexuality

Lehmiller, Justin J. - The Psychology of Human Sexuality, ebook

The Psychology of Human Sexuality

Lehmiller, Justin J.


New edition of an authoritative guide to human sexual behavior from a biopsychosocial perspective
The thoroughly revised and updated second edition of The Psychology of Human Sexuality explores the roles that biology, psychology, and the social and cultural context play in shaping human