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Leatherman, Janie L. - Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict, ebook

Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict

Leatherman, Janie L.

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of women become victims of sexual violence in conflict zones around the world; in the Democratic Republic of Congo alone, approximately 1,100 rapes are reported each month.

This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the causes, consequences

Calkins, Cynthia - Sexual Violence, ebook

Sexual Violence

Calkins, Cynthia


Overview of Sexual Offender Typologies, Recidivism, and Treatment
Brandy L. Blasko
Part I. Sex Offender Policies
3. Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA)
Kristen Zgoba, Deborah Ragbir
4. Residence Restrictions
Jill S. Levenson,

Weeks, Jeffrey - What is Sexual History?, ebook

What is Sexual History?

Weeks, Jeffrey


Today it is a flourishing field, increasingly integrated into the mainstream and producing innovative insights into the ways in which societies shape and are shaped by sexual values, norms, identities and desires. In this book, Jeffrey Weeks, one of the leading international

Owton, Helen - Sexual Abuse in Sport, ebook

Sexual Abuse in Sport

Owton, Helen


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview
Helen Owton
2. Introducing Bella and Collaborative Autoethnography
Helen Owton
3. The Grooming Process in Sport
Helen Owton
4. Sexual Assault and Rape in Sport
Helen Owton
5. Athlete Domestic Violence in Sport
Helen Owton
6. Recovering

Rogstad, Karen E. - ABC of Sexually Transmitted Infections, ebook

ABC of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Rogstad, Karen E.


With sexually transmitted infections (STIs) a major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world, the new edition of ABC of Sexually Transmitted Infections is a much-needed introduction and reference guide providing concise and practical