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Gahan, Peter B. - Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum, ebook

Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum

Gahan, Peter B.


Table of contents
1. Current Developments in Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum
Peter B. Gahan
2. Reflections on a Life of CNAPS: From Circulating DNA to the Virtosome
Maurice Stroun
3. Circulating Tumor-Related DNA Alterations…

Chuang, Victor Tuan Giam - Albumin in Medicine, ebook

Albumin in Medicine

Chuang, Victor Tuan Giam


Human Serum Albumin: A Multifunctional Protein
Ulrich Kragh-Hansen
2. Stability of Albumin and Stabilization of Albumin Preparations
Keishi Yamasaki, Makoto Anraku
3. Albumin as a Biomarker
Hiroshi Watanabe, Toru Maruyama
4. Albumin Fusion Protein

Bringmann, P. - Systems Biology, ebook

Systems Biology

Bringmann, P.


Does the Serum Peptidome Reveal Hemostatic Dysregulation?
M. T. Davis, S. D. Patterson
3. Systems Biology: New Paradigms for Cell Biology and Drug Design
H. V. Westerhoff
4. The Theory of Biological Robustness and Its Implication in Cancer
H. Kitano

Jeannin, Jean-François - Lipid A in Cancer Therapy, ebook

Lipid A in Cancer Therapy

Jeannin, Jean-François


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Historical Background
Jean-Françcois Jeannin
2. Structure andSynthesis of Lipid A
Shoichi Kusumoto, Masahito Hashimoto, Kazuyoshi Kawahara
3. Conformation and Supramolecular Structure of Lipid A
Klaus Brandenburg, Ulrich Seydel
4. Interactions between Lipid A and