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Estévez, Pablo A. - Advances in Self-Organizing Maps, ebook

Advances in Self-Organizing Maps

Estévez, Pablo A.


Controlling Self-Organization and Handling Missing Values in SOM and GTM
Tommi Vatanen, Ilari T. Nieminen, Timo Honkela, Tapani Raiko, Krista Lagus
7. Opposite Maps for Hard Margin Support Vector Machines
Ajalmar R. Rocha Neto, Guilherme A. Barreto

Ebeling, Werner - Physics of Self-Organization and Evolution, ebook

Physics of Self-Organization and Evolution

Ebeling, Werner


This thoroughly updated version of the German authoritative work on self-organization has been completely rewritten by internationally renowned experts and experienced book authors to also include a review of more recent literature. It retains the original enthusiasm and fascination surrounding