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Markopoulos, Panos - Awareness Systems, ebook

Awareness Systems

Markopoulos, Panos


An Historical Reflection of Awareness in Collaboration
Markus Rittenbruch, Gregor McEwan
3. A Design Framework for Awareness Systems
Panos Markopoulos
4. Awareness in the Home: The Nuances of Relationships, Domestic Coordination and Communication

Gallagher, Shaun - Models of the Self, ebook

Models of the Self

Gallagher, Shaun


A long history of inquiry about human nature and the self stretches from the ancient tradition of Socratic self-knowledge in the context of ethical life to contemporary discussions of brain function in cognitive science. It begins with a conflict among

Harrington, Wendy - Process and Prosper - 2nd Edition, ebook

Process and Prosper - 2nd Edition

Harrington, Wendy


Fully embracing emotions can transform your life. In just one hour learn simple emotional techniques that will revolutionise your life so that you can experience harmonious relationships, clear success blocks and enjoy greater peace of mind. This is the…

Buswell, David - Amazing Ageing, ebook

Amazing Ageing

Buswell, David


Amazing Ageing' is the must-have psychological survival manual for those approaching older age. When you buy this book you will discover that: 1) Ageing is an opportunity for inner growth. 2) Amazing Ageing can be achieved by making conscious choices,…

Shervington, Martin - LIFE, ebook


Shervington, Martin


Life: You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf guides people from a state where they may feel 'uncertain' about themselves and their lives to a place where they can rest comfortably with the experience of self-awareness. So, why buy this

Burton, Kate - Live Life, Love Work, ebook

Live Life, Love Work

Burton, Kate


" Each step outlined in the book is linked to a discussion of one's physical, mental, inner, or spiritual world Other books by Burton: Personal Development All-in-One For Dummies and Building Confidence For Dummies Burton delivers custom-built corporate workshops and seminars for that boost motivation,

Thomas, Natalie - Animal Ethics and the Autonomous Animal Self, ebook

Animal Ethics and the Autonomous Animal Self

Thomas, Natalie


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Natalie Thomas
2. Animals as Agents
Natalie Thomas
3. Self-Awareness and Selfhood in Animals
Natalie Thomas
4. Autonomy and Animals
Natalie Thomas
5. Other Views of Animal Ethics
Natalie Thomas
6. Kantian Ethics and Animals
Natalie Thomas