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Ebeling, Werner - Physics of Self-Organization and Evolution, ebook

Physics of Self-Organization and Evolution

Ebeling, Werner


This thoroughly updated version of the German authoritative work on self-organization has been completely rewritten by internationally renowned experts and experienced book authors to also include a review of more recent literature. It retains the original

Leitner, Stephan - Artificial Economics and Self Organization, ebook

Artificial Economics and Self Organization

Leitner, Stephan


Phrasing and Timing Information Dissemination in Organizations: Results of an Agent-Based Simulation
Doris A. Behrens, Silvia Berlinger, Friederike Wall
15. On the Robustness of Coordination Mechanisms for Investment Decisions Involving ‘Incompetent’ Agents

Haken, Hermann - Information and Self-Organization, ebook

Information and Self-Organization

Haken, Hermann


Information, Information Gain, and Efficiency of Self-Organizing Systems Close to Their Instability Points
8. Direct Determination of Lagrange Multipliers
9. Unbiased Modeling of Stochastic Processes: How to Guess Path Integrals, Fokker-Planck Equations and Langevin-Îto

Prokopenko, Mikhail - Guided Self-Organization: Inception, ebook

Guided Self-Organization: Inception

Prokopenko, Mikhail


Information Measures of Complexity, Emergence, Self-organization, Homeostasis, and Autopoiesis
Nelson Fernández, Carlos Maldonado, Carlos Gershenson
3. Generating Functionals for Guided Self-Organization

Allcorn, Seth - Private Selves in Public Organizations, ebook

Private Selves in Public Organizations

Allcorn, Seth


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael A. Diamond, Seth Allcorn
Part I. Organizational Insight
2. Layers of Experience
Michael A. Diamond, Seth Allcorn
3. Boundaries and Surfaces
Michael A. Diamond, Seth Allcorn
4. Silo Mentality
Michael A. Diamond, Seth Allcorn
5. Organizational Change

Orlik, Marek - Self-Organization in Electrochemical Systems I, ebook

Self-Organization in Electrochemical Systems I

Orlik, Marek


Table of contents
1. Basic Principles of Nonlinear Dynamics
Marek Orlik
2. Stability of Electrochemical Systems
Marek Orlik
3. Application of Impedance Spectroscopy to Electrochemical Instabilities
Marek Orlik
4. Temporal Instabilities…