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Lin, See-Yan - The Global Economy in Turbulent Times, ebook

The Global Economy in Turbulent Times

Lin, See-Yan


See-Yan Lin offers his timely and incisive views on today's key economic issues. Adapted from his hugely popular column in the Malaysia Star newspaper, these articles offer fresh and entertaining perspectives on perennial economic problems. The discussion covers the

Chin, See Leang - Femtosecond Laser Filamentation, ebook

Femtosecond Laser Filamentation

Chin, See Leang


Table of contents
1. Introduction
See Leang Chin
2. Filamentation Physics
See Leang Chin
3. Theory of Single Filamentation
See Leang Chin
4. Multiple Filamentation
See Leang Chin
5. Filamentation Nonlinear Optics: General

Bradley, Joff - Deleuze and Buddhism, ebook

Deleuze and Buddhism

Bradley, Joff


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tony See
2. Deleuze and the Lotus Sūtra: Toward an Ethics of Immanence
Tony See
3. Deleuze, Spinoza and the Question of Reincarnation in the Mahāyāna Tradition
Simon Duffy
4. Kenji Miyazawa…

Banks, Erik - See No Evil, ebook

See No Evil

Banks, Erik


Table of contents
1. Prologue: Crisis Redux
Erik Banks
2. A Quick Recap
Erik Banks
3. The US Banks Got It Wrong …
Erik Banks
4. … and So Did the European Banks
Erik Banks
5. The Fannie and Freddie Sinkhole

Andronikou, Savvas - See Right Through Me, ebook

See Right Through Me

Andronikou, Savvas


Table of contents
1. The Brain
Savvas Andronikou
2. Temporal Lobe and Hippocampus
Savvas Andronikou
3. Cerebral Vessels
Savvas Andronikou
4. White Matter Tracts
Savvas Andronikou
5. Brain Surface Anatomy and Functional…

Beh, Loo-See - Culture and Gender in Leadership, ebook

Culture and Gender in Leadership

Beh, Loo-See


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview
James Rajasekar, Loo-See Beh
Section I. Leadership
2. Leadership in the East: A Social Capital Perspective
Loo-See Beh, William R. Kennan
3. Visionary Leadership in the Arab World: Its Nature and Outcomes in the Omani Workplace
James Rajasekar, Salem Al