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McDonald, Bryan L. - Food Security, ebook

Food Security

McDonald, Bryan L.


Despite great global effort, events of the early 21st century clearly demonstrate that food remains a pressing challenge which has significant implications for security. In this book, Bryan McDonald explores how processes of globalization and global change have reshaped

Fierke, Karin M. - Critical Approaches to International Security, ebook

Critical Approaches to International Security

Fierke, Karin M.


During the Cold War the concept of international security was understood in military terms as the threat or use of force by states. The end of EastÐWest hostilities, however, brought ‘critical’ perspectives to the fore as scholars sought to explain the emergence of new challenges to

Detraz, Nicole - International Security and Gender, ebook

International Security and Gender

Detraz, Nicole

From 22,45€

What does it mean to be secure? In the global news, we hear stories daily about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, about domestic-level conflicts around the world, about the challenges of cybersecurity and social security. This broad list highlights the fact that security

Dannreuther, Roland - International Security: The Contemporary Agenda, ebook

International Security: The Contemporary Agenda

Dannreuther, Roland


International Security is a cutting-edge analysis of the key security challenges and developments in the post-Cold War world. Drawing on a wide range of contemporary examples, from the Iraq war to the rise of China, it is an essential guide for students

Christofferson, Debra A. - Women in Security, ebook

Women in Security

Christofferson, Debra A.


Under a New Security Landscape: Global Ramifications of Multijurisdictional Conflicts
Adriana Sanford
3. Managing Cybersecurity Risk for the Coming Decade
Debra Christofferson
4. The Era of Homo Digitus
Evelyn Souza
5. This Girl Wants to Go

Kaldor, Mary - The Handbook of Global Security Policy, ebook

The Handbook of Global Security Policy

Kaldor, Mary


This Handbook brings together 30 state-of-the-art essays covering the essential aspects of global security research and practice for the 21st century.Embraces a broad definition of security that extends beyond the threat of foreign military attack to

Chong, Alan - International Security in the Asia-Pacific, ebook

International Security in the Asia-Pacific

Chong, Alan


International Security in the Asia-Pacific: Transcending ASEAN Towards Transitional Polycentrism—An Introduction
Alan Chong
2. Southeast Asia: No Longer Peripheral to Global Events
Kee Beng Ooi
3. Defence and Security

Boggero, Marco - The Governance of Private Security, ebook

The Governance of Private Security

Boggero, Marco


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Marco Boggero
Part I. Ideas, Interests, and Institutions
2. The Swiss Initiative
Marco Boggero
3. The United Nations as Actor of Governance
Marco Boggero
4. Testing PMSC Norms