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Amenc, Noel - Portfolio Theory and Performance Analysis, ebook

Portfolio Theory and Performance Analysis

Amenc, Noel


In these bear market times, performance evaluation of portfolio managers is of central focus. This book will be one of very few on the market and is by a respected member of the profession. Allows the professionals, whether managers or investors, to take a step

Mattarocci, Gianluca - Logistic Real Estate Investment and REITs in Europe, ebook

Logistic Real Estate Investment and REITs in Europe

Mattarocci, Gianluca


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gianluca Mattarocci, Dilek Pekdemir
2. An Overview of the Role of Logistics Real Estate Europe
Gianluca Mattarocci, Dilek Pekdemir
3. Evaluation Criteria for Logistic Real Estate Investment
Gianluca Mattarocci, Dilek Pekdemir
4. The Role of Logistic Real Estate in

Gregoriou, Greg N. - Performance of Mutual Funds, ebook

Performance of Mutual Funds

Gregoriou, Greg N.


Yaari’s Dual Theory of Choice, Generalized Gini’s Mean Differences, and Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds
Wolfgang Breuer, Marc Gürtler
8. Efficiency of US Mutual Funds Using Data Envelopment Analysis
Greg N. Gregoriou
9. Performance Persistence

Basile, Ignazio - Asset Management and Institutional Investors, ebook

Asset Management and Institutional Investors

Basile, Ignazio


Performance Evaluation for Traditional Investment Portfolios
7. Performance Evaluation
Pierpaolo Ferrari
8. Returns-Based Style Analysis
Maria Debora Braga
9. Performance Attribution
Maria Debora Braga
Part IV. Portfolio Diversification Towards

Johnson, R. Stafford - Equity Markets and Portfolio Analysis, ebook

Equity Markets and Portfolio Analysis

Johnson, R. Stafford


Now, Equity Markets and Portfolio Analysis has been created to further inform investment professionals and finance students on the basic concepts and strategies of investments, and to provide more detailed discussions on advanced strategies and models. The concepts