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Wilson, Erin K. - After Secularism, ebook

After Secularism

Wilson, Erin K.


Subordinating Religion: The Logic of Secularism in International Relations Theory
Erin K. Wilson
3. Essentializing Religion: Institutional, Individual and Irrational
Erin K. Wilson
4. Rethinking Religion: Relational Dialogism as an Alternative

Hämäläinen, Hasse - The Sources of Secularism, ebook

The Sources of Secularism

Hämäläinen, Hasse


The Sources of Secularism: Rethinking Religion in the Early Modern Era
5. The Secularism of Spinoza and His Circle
Henri Krop
6. Thomas Hobbes and the Secularization of Authority
Edgar Straehle
7. The History

Blanes, Ruy - Secularisms in a Postsecular Age?, ebook

Secularisms in a Postsecular Age?

Blanes, Ruy


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Secularities, Religiosities, and Subjectivities
José Mapril, Ruy Blanes, Emerson Giumbelli, Erin K. Wilson
2. Secular Selves and Bodies: The Case of State Agents in Charge of Implementing the Fight against…

Rectenwald, Michael - Nineteenth-Century British Secularism, ebook

Nineteenth-Century British Secularism

Rectenwald, Michael


Holyoake and Secularism: The Emergence of ‘Positive’ Freethought
Michael Rectenwald
5. Secularizing Science: Secularism and the Emergence of Scientific Naturalism
Michael Rectenwald
6. The Three Newmans: A Triumvirate

Ngo, Tam T. T. - Atheist Secularism and its Discontents, ebook

Atheist Secularism and its Discontents

Ngo, Tam T. T.


Introduction: Atheist Secularism and Its Discontents
Tam T. T. Ngo, Justine B. Quijada
Part I. Genealogies
2. God and the Vietnamese Revolution: Religious Organizations in the Emergence of Today’s Vietnam
Jayne S. Werner
3. The Socialist Interregnum

Selby, Jennifer A. - Questioning French Secularism, ebook

Questioning French Secularism

Selby, Jennifer A.


Table of contents
1. Setting the Scene: Place and Method
Jennifer A. Selby
2. “Hardly Paradise”: From Shantytown to Housing Projects
Jennifer A. Selby
3. The Shifting Boundaries of Laïcité
Jennifer A. Selby
4. Feminism,…

Chatterjee, Nandini - The Making of Indian Secularism, ebook

The Making of Indian Secularism

Chatterjee, Nandini


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nandini Chatterjee
Part I. Law
2. Religion and Public Education: The Politics of Secularizing Knowledge
Nandini Chatterjee
3. Regulating Trust: Law and Policy of Religious Endowments in India

Cady, Linell E. - Comparative Secularisms in a Global Age, ebook

Comparative Secularisms in a Global Age

Cady, Linell E.


Comparative Secularisms and the Politics of Modernity: An Introduction
Linell E. Cady, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
2. Hermeneutics and the Politics of Secularism
Andrew Davison
3. Manifestations of the Religious-Secular Divide: Self, State, and the Public