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Layton, Mark C. - Scrum For Dummies, ebook

Scrum For Dummies

Layton, Mark C.


As the most efficient, successful methodology for team project management, Scrum relies on transparency, flexibility, and fluidity to deliver a final product that fulfills the needs of all stakeholders. Written in easy-to-read Dummies style, this book walks you through

Kerzner, Harold - Project Management Case Studies, ebook

Project Management Case Studies

Kerzner, Harold


Learn how project management can make a company sink or soar
Project Management Case Studies presents a compilation of illustrative case studies showcasing both exceptional and poorly-implemented project management techniques. Broad in scope yet rich in industry-specific detail, this

Baddoo, Nathan - Software Process Improvement, ebook

Software Process Improvement

Baddoo, Nathan


Mapping CMMI Level 2 to Scrum Practices: An Experience Report
Jessica Diaz, Juan Garbajosa, Jose A. Calvo-Manzano
9. The QualOSS Process Evaluation: Initial Experiences with Assessing Open Source Processes
Martín Soto, Marcus Ciolkowski
10. Innovation

Brown, Mathew - Rugby For Dummies, ebook

Rugby For Dummies

Brown, Mathew


Inside you'll find easy-to-understand explanations of rugby rules and positions, plus in-depth lessons on skills, fitness training, and winning techniques. Add in entertaining stories from rugby in North America and around the world, and you've got the definitive book