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Finster, David C. - Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students, ebook

Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students

Finster, David C.


Provides knowledge and models of good practice needed by students to work safely in the laboratory as they progress through four years of undergraduate laboratory work 
Aligns with the revised safety instruction requirements from the ACS Committee on Professional Training 2015 “Guidelines

Arezes, Pedro - Advances in Safety Management and Human Factors, ebook

Advances in Safety Management and Human Factors

Arezes, Pedro


Age-Related Impairments like Reduced Hearing Capacity – A Safety Issue for the Working World?
Verena Wagner, Nina Raffaela Grossi, K. Wolfgang Kallus
4. Managing Tacit Knowledge in Safety Critical Systems
Toni Waefler, Katrin Fischer, Christian Kunz,

Griffin, Hedley - The Dangerous Road Game, ebook

The Dangerous Road Game

Griffin, Hedley

From 5,00€

Supporting the THINK! road safety campaign and including the Green Cross Code information.Harey dreams of being the best football player in the world. He races out of the house, falls over a cartoon snail and walks into a lamp-post.He and his friends then cross over the road to play in the

Smith, Barbara - A Charter School Principal’s Story, ebook

A Charter School Principal’s Story

Smith, Barbara


Table of contents
1. Beginning Sketches
Barbara Smith
2. Trust
Barbara Smith
3. Day 1
Barbara Smith
4. Ten Days of Preparations
Barbara Smith
5. The First Reach – Wedj Parents
Barbara Smith
6. First Week of School
Barbara Smith
7. Parent Communications
Barbara Smith

Griffin, Hedley - A Dangerous Christmas, ebook

A Dangerous Christmas

Griffin, Hedley


Harey and his friends have a dangerous Christmas when he tries to climb on the furniture to place a fairy on top of the tree, gets an electrical shock playing with the fairy lights, sets fire to the Christmas tree, and ends up scalding himself in the…

Griffin, Hedley - Stranger Dangers, ebook

Stranger Dangers

Griffin, Hedley


It is the day of Halloween and Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends go playing and looking for ghosts in a disused factory building with dangerous results. They are approached several times during the day by a strange man and woman. That night,…