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Alagumalai, Sivakumar - Excellence in Scholarship, ebook

Excellence in Scholarship

Alagumalai, Sivakumar


Contributions to Excellence in Scholarship (Primers/Keynotes)
1. Creating a Tradition of Research in Education
Margaret J. Secombe
2. Effects of Socioeconomic Status, Class Size and Ability Grouping on Science Achievement
John P. Keeves, Njora Hungi,

UNKNOWN - Building a Scholarship of Assessment, ebook

Building a Scholarship of Assessment



In this book, leading experts in the field examine the current state of assessment practice and scholarship, explore what the future holds for assessment, and offer guidance to help educators meet these new challenges. The contributors root assessment squarely in several related disciplines

Shultz, Lynette - Engaged Scholarship, ebook

Engaged Scholarship

Shultz, Lynette


Engaged Scholarship in a Time of the Corporatization of the University and Distrust of the Public Sphere
Lynette Shultz
5. Engaging Africanist Philosophies and Epistemologies in Education for Social Development
Ali A. Abdi
6. ‘The Stranger’ in CSL

Allred, Alexandra Powe - Athletic Scholarships For Dummies, ebook

Athletic Scholarships For Dummies

Allred, Alexandra Powe


But are you prepared for the challenges of winning an athletic scholarship? Let this friendly guide be your coach. It explains what kind of scholarships are out there, how to promote yourself and deal with recruiters, and how to

Dassin, Joan R. - International Scholarships in Higher Education, ebook

International Scholarships in Higher Education

Dassin, Joan R.


Relationships Between Scholarship Program and Institutional Capacity Development Initiatives
Ad Boeren
4. Case Study: Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (Programa Ciência sem Fronteiras, Brazil)
Yolande Zahler, Frederico Menino
Part II. Investing