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Wade, Woody - Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future, ebook

Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future

Wade, Woody


Is your business ready for the future?
Scenario planning is a fascinating, yet still underutilized, business tool that can be of immense value to a company's strategic planning process. It allows companies to visualize the impact that a portfolio of possible futures could have on their

Bandhold, Hans - Scenario Planning, ebook

Scenario Planning

Bandhold, Hans


Why Is Scenario Planning Needed? Some Reasons from the Field of Strategy Research
Mats Lindgren, Hans Bandhold
3. Scenario Planning: An Introductory Overview
Mats Lindgren, Hans Bandhold
4. Scenario Planning in

Burnett, Lloyd - Scenarios in Marketing: From Vision to Decision, ebook

Scenarios in Marketing: From Vision to Decision

Burnett, Lloyd


Which probably means you're a marketer, you've heard of scenarios and you want to know what they can do for you. Can they help with everyday marketing issues like brands, channels and relationships? The answer is yes. Rooted in customer needs, scenarios

Baker, Emma - Prescribing Scenarios at a Glance, ebook

Prescribing Scenarios at a Glance

Baker, Emma


Prescribing Scenarios at a Glance is an innovative resource which allows medical students and junior doctors to practise prescribing skills safely for themselves. Supporting those who wish to develop their prescribing knowledge and clinical reasoning, this book features 50 acute and on call

Olsen, Erica - Strategic Planning Kit For Dummies, ebook

Strategic Planning Kit For Dummies

Olsen, Erica


Think and act strategically every time
In today's business environment, strategic planning stresses the importance of making decisions that will ensure an organization's ability to successfully respond to changes in the environment and plan for sustainable viability. Providing practical,