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Glaz, Joseph - Scan Statistics, ebook

Scan Statistics

Glaz, Joseph


Applications of Spatial Scan Statistics: A Review
Marcelo Azevedo Costa, Martin Kulldorff
8. Extensions of the Scan Statistic for the Detection and Inference of SpatialClusters
Luiz Duczmal, Anderson Ribeiro Duarte,

Mathot, Vincent - Fast Scanning Calorimetry, ebook

Fast Scanning Calorimetry

Mathot, Vincent


Material Characterization by Fast Scanning Calorimetry: Practice and Applications
Jürgen E. K. Schawe, Stefan Pogatscher
2. Non-Adiabatic Scanning Calorimeter for Controlled Fast Cooling and Heating
Evgeny Zhuravlev,

Gruverman, Alexei - Scanning Probe Microscopy, ebook

Scanning Probe Microscopy

Gruverman, Alexei


Probing Semiconductor Technology and Devices with Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy
P. Eyben, W. Vandervorst, D. Alvarez, M. Xu, M. Fouchier
4. Scanning Capacitance Microscopy for Electrical Characterization of Semiconductors and Dielectrics

Zhou, Weilie - Scanning Microscopy for Nanotechnology, ebook

Scanning Microscopy for Nanotechnology

Zhou, Weilie


Fundamentals of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
Weilie Zhou, Robert Apkarian, Zhong Lin Wang, David Joy
2. Backscattering Detector and EBSD in Nanomaterials Characterization
Tim Maitland, Scott Sitzman
3. X-ray Microanalysis in Nanomaterials

Lesca, Nicolas - Environmental Scanning and Sustainable Development, ebook

Environmental Scanning and Sustainable Development

Lesca, Nicolas


This work is an initial exploration of the relationship between scanning and sustainable development. In ten chapters, the authors examine the application, characteristics and implementation of scanning oriented toward sustainable development. Thus the

Morita, Seizo - Roadmap of Scanning Probe Microscopy, ebook

Roadmap of Scanning Probe Microscopy

Morita, Seizo


Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope
Toshiharu Saiki
5. Scanning Capacitance Microscope
Yoshitsugu Nakagawa
6. Electrostatic Force Microscopy
Masakazu Nakamura, Hirofumi Yamada
7. Magnetic Force Microscope
Sumio Hosaka
8. STM-Induced

Pennycook, Stephen J. - Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, ebook

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

Pennycook, Stephen J.


X-Ray Energy-Dispersive Spectrometry in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopes
Masashi Watanabe
8. STEM Tomography
Paul A. Midgley, Matthew Weyland
9. Scanning Electron Nanodiffraction and Diffraction Imaging
Jian -Min Zuo, Jing Tao