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Bank, Inter-American Development - Saving for Development, ebook

Saving for Development

Bank, Inter-American Development


The State of Saving in Latin America and the Caribbeany
3. Financial Systems to Make Savings Count
4. More and Better Saving for Productive Investment
5. Saving for Stability
6. Running Out of Time: The Demographics

Merkin, Rebecca S. - Saving Face in Business, ebook

Saving Face in Business

Merkin, Rebecca S.


Uncertainty Avoidance, Face-Saving, and Organizations
Rebecca S. Merkin
9. Long/Short-Term Orientation, Facework, and Organizational Relationships
Rebecca S. Merkin
10. Overview and Facework Model Application for the Cross-Cultural Workplace

Askins, Robert A. - Saving Biological Diversity, ebook

Saving Biological Diversity

Askins, Robert A.


Table of contents
1. Saving Biological Diversity: An Overview
Glenn D. Dreyer
Part I.Protecting Populations of Particular Species
2. Toward a Policy-Relevant Definition of Biodiversity
Bryan G. Norton
3. Navigating for Noah: Setting New Directions for Endangered Species Protection in the 21st Century

Rabie, Mohamed - Saving Capitalism and Democracy, ebook

Saving Capitalism and Democracy

Rabie, Mohamed


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mohamed Rabie
2. Historical Background
Mohamed Rabie
3. The Development of Human Societies
Mohamed Rabie
4. The Evolution of Capitalism
Mohamed Rabie
5. Capitalism and Democracy