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Moss, Sam - Torturing Harriet, ebook

Torturing Harriet

Moss, Sam


Catering both to Harriet's masochism and his own sadistic impulses, George conspires with a blacksmith to build a wheel and arranges for Harriet to be 'kidnapped' and taken away for a weekend of pleasurable torture

Towne, Allen - Under The Roman Lash, ebook

Under The Roman Lash

Towne, Allen


Shiri, a highly educated beautiful young lady, is a slave of the Roman conquerors, working on the roads, when she is summoned to her owner's villa to take part in a sadistic competition. She is bound to a cross, alongside another slave, facing two experienced whip-masters. The contest is

Raines, Kimberley - The Urge to Obey, ebook

The Urge to Obey

Raines, Kimberley


James is a man who likes to dominate women. He works out, is good looking and thinks he has the world at his feet - until the woman he learns to call Mistress walks into his life and steals his urge to dominate! For her part, the Mistress is intrigued…

Alexander, Bo - Without Consent - Volume 1, ebook

Without Consent - Volume 1

Alexander, Bo


Nurse Colleen Morgan has turned down the chance of dinner with Dr Mark Wheeler several times. What she doesn't know is - he is determined to have her. Finally at his mercy, Colleen finds her own submissive sexuality as she suffers every humiliation, every…

Soeur, Vashti La - Tormenting Tammy, ebook

Tormenting Tammy

Soeur, Vashti La


Tammy needed to please her sadistic foster parents, so when they insisted she apply for a job, she had no option but to make sure she was the one chosen - or face the punishment when she got home again. Tammy’s new job was with an unconventional circus, where beatings and other forms of

Bennett, Frances G - Milk Girl, ebook

Milk Girl

Bennett, Frances G


Despite being warned against getting involved, Gina submits to the sadistic power of this strange man and so begins a new life, one of extremes, of having her breasts mangled and elongated, of being able to produce milk to order, of obeying every order, no matter how

Bennett, Frances G - Milk Girl Lost, ebook

Milk Girl Lost

Bennett, Frances G


Gina, the helpless modified milk bitch of the enigmatic sadistic Ward, is taken to the palace of SheIkh Mahmoud as a guest but while she is there she is kidnapped by the Ayatollah who desires her as a fuckbitch and milkmaid, among other things. Ward has to work hard

Brynn, Thomas - The Centurion's Slaves, ebook

The Centurion's Slaves

Brynn, Thomas


The Romans in Britain! Violent, merciless, demanding rulers of all. This is the story of Sextus Quintuss Marcellus, Citizen of Rome, commander in the Roman army, sweeping Britain clean of slaves! The natives, young males and females, are brought into…

Bruno, Victor - The Captain's Slaves, ebook

The Captain's Slaves

Bruno, Victor


Gavin has a boat, cruising the canals of England, enjoying the peaceful countryside and the solitude. His captive, Karen, is not so fortunate, having been forced through pain and suffering to succumb to Gavin’s perverted will. Karen, most definitely,…

Darrener, Adam - The Initiation, ebook

The Initiation

Darrener, Adam


Valerie's new boyfriend, Ken, has sent her a gift, an armglove, to add to her growing collection of bondage items. When her friend Helen calls unexpectedly, Valerie decides to try and shock her and asks Helen to help her 'try out' the gift. She has underestimated…