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Lehu, Pierre A. - Sex For Dummies, ebook

Sex For Dummies

Lehu, Pierre A.


Everything you need to know about sex in the 21st century
S-e-x isn’t a bad three-letter word—but many of us are afraid to talk about it. In this new edition of the fun and comprehensive guide to sex, you’ll find out how to approach intimacy

Attwood, Feona - Sex Media, ebook

Sex Media

Attwood, Feona


Media are central to our experiences and understandings of sex, whether in the form of familiar 'mainstream' genres, pornographies and other sex genres, or the new zones, interactions and technosexualities made possible by the internet and mobile devices.

Davis, Mark - Sex, Technology and Public Health, ebook

Sex, Technology and Public Health

Davis, Mark


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mark Davis
2. Technologies and Sexual Citizenship
Mark Davis
3. Internet-Mediated Sexual Practices
Mark Davis
4. HIV Bio-Technologies and Sexual Practice
Mark Davis
5. Innovation and…

Oertelt-Prigione, Sabine - Sex and Gender Aspects in Clinical Medicine, ebook

Sex and Gender Aspects in Clinical Medicine

Oertelt-Prigione, Sabine


Table of contents
1. Why Do We Need Gender Medicine?
Vera Regitz-Zagrosek
2. Gendered Innovations in Biomedicine and Public Health Research
Londa Schiebinger
3. Sex and Gender in Medical Literature
Sabine Oertelt-Prigione
4. Sex and Gender Differences in Cardiovascular Disease
Vera Regitz-Zagrosek

Laws, D. Richard - Treatment of Sex Offenders, ebook

Treatment of Sex Offenders

Laws, D. Richard


Table of contents
1. Problems in the Classification and Diagnosis of the Paraphilias: What Is the Evidence That the DSM Warrants Use?
William O’Donohue
2. A Brief History of Sexual Offender Risk Assessment
Leam A. Craig, Martin Rettenberger
3. Strengths of Actuarial Risk Assessment
Robert J. B. Lehmann,

Hackney, Anthony C. - Sex Hormones, Exercise and Women, ebook

Sex Hormones, Exercise and Women

Hackney, Anthony C.


Nutritional Strategies and Sex Hormone Interactions in Women
Nancy J. Rehrer, Rebecca T. McLay-Cooke, Stacy T. Sims
7. The Effect of Sex Hormones on Ligament Structure, Joint Stability and ACL Injury Risk
Sandra J.