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Dundar, Onur - Expert Android Studio, ebook

Expert Android Studio

Dundar, Onur


Take your Android programming skills to the next level by unleashing the potential of Android Studio
Expert Android Studio bridges the gap between your Android programing skills with the provided tools including Android

Ramnath, Rajiv - Android 3 SDK Programming For Dummies, ebook

Android 3 SDK Programming For Dummies

Ramnath, Rajiv


Get quickly up to speed with the latest Android SDK
Aimed at object oriented programmers, this straightforward-but-fun book serves as the most efficient way to understand Android, update an existing Android application, port a mobile application from

Meier, Reto - Professional Android 2 Application Development, ebook

Professional Android 2 Application Development

Meier, Reto


This update to the bestselling first edition dives in to cover the exciting new features of the latest release of the Android mobile platform.
Providing in-depth coverage of how to build mobile applications using the next major release of the Android