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Kingslien, Ryan - ZBrush Studio Projects: Realistic Game Characters, ebook

ZBrush Studio Projects: Realistic Game Characters

Kingslien, Ryan


In ZBrush Studio Projects: Realistic Game Characters, ZBrush expert Ryan Kingslien zeroes in on specific areas of concern for game creation: human body style, faces, skin texturing, clothing, shoes, weaponry, and putting your character into a game environment. Throughout

Hume, Helen D. - The Art Teacher's Book of Lists, Grades K-12, ebook

The Art Teacher's Book of Lists, Grades K-12

Hume, Helen D.


A revised and updated edition of the best-selling resource for art teachers
This time-tested book is written for teachers who need accurate and updated information about the world of art, artists, and art movements, including the arts

Chin, Danton - More iPhone Cool Projects, ebook

More iPhone Cool Projects

Chin, Danton


Your Own Content Pipeline: Importing 3D Art Assets into Your iPhone Game
Claus Höfele
3. How FlightTrack Uses External Data Providers to Power This Best-Selling Travel App
Ben Kazez
4. Write Better Code and Save Time with Unit Testing
Saul Mora

Cutcher, Alexandra Lasczik - Arts-Research-Education, ebook


Cutcher, Alexandra Lasczik


Art, Pedagogies and Becoming: The Force of Art and the Individuation of New Worlds
Dennis Atkinson
2. Rearticulating Arts, Research, and Education from the Disciplinary to the Affective in Public Arts Practices

Winch, Graham M. - Managing Construction Projects, ebook

Managing Construction Projects

Winch, Graham M.


Drawing on a wide range of research, Managing Construction Projects proposes new ways of thinking about project management in construction, exploring the skills required to manage uncertainty and offering techniques for thinking about the challenges involved. The second

Baker, John H. - The Art of Nick Cave, ebook

The Art of Nick Cave

Baker, John H.


Known for his work as a performer and songwriter with The Birthday Party, the Bad seeds and Grinderman, Australian artist Nick Cave has also pursued a variety of other projects including writing and acting. Covering the full range of Cave’s creative endeavours, this collection of critical