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Szczepanska, Kathryn - Russian: A Self-Teaching Guide, ebook

Russian: A Self-Teaching Guide

Szczepanska, Kathryn


a self-teaching guide
Learn Russian at your own pace
How do Russian letters differ from English letters? How do you choose the correct form of specific verbs? What are some useful, everyday Russian

Kelly, Catriona - Russian Literature: A Very Short Introduction, ebook

Russian Literature: A Very Short Introduction

Kelly, Catriona


This book is intended to capture the interest of anyone who has been attracted to Russian culture through the greats of Russian literature, either through the texts themselves, or encountering them in the cinema, or opera. Rather than a conventional

Smith, S. A. - The Russian Revolution: A Very Short Introduction, ebook

The Russian Revolution: A Very Short Introduction

Smith, S. A.


Since the fall of Communism there has been much reflection on the significance of the Russian Revolution. The book rejects the currently influential, liberal interpretation of the revolution in favour of one that sees it as rooted in the contradictions of a backward

Kaufman, Andrew - Russian For Dummies, ebook

Russian For Dummies

Kaufman, Andrew


Russian For Dummies is an excellent resource for students, tourists, and businesspeople looking for an introduction to this popular and complex language.
This updated edition offers new and improved content, more useful exercises and practice opportunities, all

Gillespie, David - A Comprehensive Russian Grammar, ebook

A Comprehensive Russian Grammar

Gillespie, David

From 33,00€

The third edition of Terence Wade’s A Comprehensive Russian Grammar, newly updated and revised, offers the definitive guide to current Russian usage. Provides the most complete, accurate and authoritative English language reference grammar of

Kagan, Olga - Semantics of Genitive Objects in Russian, ebook

Semantics of Genitive Objects in Russian

Kagan, Olga


Table of contents
1. Non-Canonical Genitive: How Many Cases?
Olga Kagan
2. Previously Proposed Accounts
Olga Kagan
3. Subjunctive Mood and the Notion of Commitment
Olga Kagan
4. Irrealis Genitive: Formulating the Analysis

Gleason, Abbott - A Companion to Russian History, ebook

A Companion to Russian History

Gleason, Abbott


This Companion comprises 28 essays by international scholars offering an analytical overview of the development of Russian history from the earliest Slavs through to the present day. Includes essays by both prominent and emerging scholars from Russia, Great Britain, the US, and Canada

Gettys, Serafima - Russian For Dummies<sup>?</sup>, ebook

Russian For Dummies?

Gettys, Serafima

From 25,10€

Russian is spoken by nearly 450 million people, and demand for Russian-speakers is growing. This introductory course includes an audio CD with practice dialogues-just the ticket for readers who need basic Russian