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Ren, Xuefei - Urban China, ebook

Urban China

Ren, Xuefei

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She argues that the urban-rural dichotomy that was artificially constructed under socialism is no longer a meaningful lens for analyses and that Chinese cities have become strategic sites for reassembling citizenship rights for both urban residents

Riley, Nancy E. - Population in China, ebook

Population in China

Riley, Nancy E.


For the last several decades, this huge population has been in flux: fertility has fallen sharply, mortality has declined, and massive rural-to-urban migration is taking place. The state has played a direct role in these changes, seeing population control as an important

Brown, Jarra - 46 Miles, ebook

46 Miles

Brown, Jarra


When Jarra Brown hears church bells he cannot fail to be reminded of the hundreds – 345 to be precise – of service personnel who passed through the beautiful rural Wiltshire countryside into Oxfordshire. These men and women were not hiking across its green pastures or sitting on top

Balagopal, Gayathri - Elderly Care in India, ebook

Elderly Care in India

Balagopal, Gayathri


Care and Support Arrangements Among Elderly Residents of an Urban Slum in Tamil Nadu State, India
Gayathri Balagopal
14. Sibling Care Among Rural Elderly Widows
C. Aruna
15. Migrant Children, Ageing Parents and Transnational Care Strategies: Experiences

Li, Weifeng - Smart Growth and Sustainable Development, ebook

Smart Growth and Sustainable Development

Li, Weifeng


The China Paradox of Migrant Labor Shortage Amidst Surplus Rural Laborers: An Alternative View
Chen Chen
3. From Polysemous Affect to City Integration: The Definition Thinking and Frontier Method to Radiation Realm of City Rail Transit Station