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Beran, Jaroslav - Advances in Mechanisms Design, ebook

Advances in Mechanisms Design

Beran, Jaroslav


Exponential Damping as an Approach to Internal Hysteretic Damping of Rotor Systems: FEM Model of Timoshenko Rotating Beam with Maxwell-Weichert Damping Model
Antonín Skarolek
35. Contribution to Numerical Analysis of Uncertain

 - TMS 2015 144<Superscript>th</Superscript> Annual Meeting &amp; Exhibition, ebook

TMS 2015 144th Annual Meeting & Exhibition


Application of Rotating Magnetic Field to Improve the Reinforcement Distribution, Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Copper Matrix Composite
CunLei Zou, Wei Wang, Huijun Kang, Mingyu Li, Rengeng Li, Tongmin Wang
2. The Effect of Static Magnetic

Luo, Jianbin - Advanced Tribology, ebook

Advanced Tribology

Luo, Jianbin


Lubrication Analysis of Journal Bearing and Rotor System Using CFD and FSI Techniques
Huiping Liu, Hua Xu, Zhongmin Jin, Peter Ellison
16. Oil Film Behavior under Minute Vibrating Conditions in EHL Point Contacts
Chen Feng, Taisuke Maruyama, Tsuyoshi Saito