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Schatz, Roman - Berliini: Oppaana Roman Schatz, ebook

Berliini: Oppaana Roman Schatz

Schatz, Roman


Saksan ja Suomen väliä sukkuloivan satiirikon paikallis- ja kulttuurituntemus vie rumankauniin ja arvoituksellisen kaupungin äänekkäille takapihoille.
– sen historia ja nykyisyys omakohtaisin kokemuksin höystettynä.
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Rosenstein, Nathan - A Companion to the Roman Republic, ebook

A Companion to the Roman Republic

Rosenstein, Nathan


This Companion provides an authoritative and up-to-date overview of Roman Republican history as it is currently practiced.Highlights recent developments, including archaeological discoveries, fresh approaches to textual sources, and the opening up of new areas of historical studyRetains

Erdkamp, Paul - A Companion to the Roman Army, ebook

A Companion to the Roman Army

Erdkamp, Paul


This companion provides an extensive account of the Roman army, exploring its role in Roman politics and society as well as the reasons for its effectiveness as a fighting force.
An extensive account of the Roman

Ulrich, Roger B. - A Companion to Roman Architecture, ebook

A Companion to Roman Architecture

Ulrich, Roger B.


A Companion to Roman Architecture presents a comprehensive review of the critical issues and approaches that have transformed scholarly understanding in recent decades in one easy-to-reference volume.Offers a cross-disciplinary approach to Roman architecture,

Lintott, Andrew - The Romans in the Age of Augustus, ebook

The Romans in the Age of Augustus

Lintott, Andrew


Incorporating the most recent scholarship, this book offers a fascinating history of Rome and the Roman peoples during the rule of the first Roman emperor, Augustus. Written in an easily accessible style, making it the ideal introduction to Augustan

Zeiner-Carmichael, Noelle - Roman Letters: An Anthology, ebook

Roman Letters: An Anthology

Zeiner-Carmichael, Noelle


Roman Letters offers a rich selection of original translations of ancient Roman letters spanning from the 1st century BCE to the 2nd century CE. Chronologically arranged and grouped according to author or collection, the letters cover various topics

Towne, Allen - Under The Roman Lash, ebook

Under The Roman Lash

Towne, Allen


Shiri, a highly educated beautiful young lady, is a slave of the Roman conquerors, working on the roads, when she is summoned to her owner's villa to take part in a sadistic competition. She is bound to a cross, alongside another slave, facing two experienced whip-masters. The contest is