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Liu, Kang-Zhi - Robust Control: Theory and Applications, ebook

Robust Control: Theory and Applications

Liu, Kang-Zhi


Comprehensive and up to date coverage of robust control theory and its application
•   Presented in a well-planned and logical way
•   Written by a respected leading author, with extensive experience in robust control
•   Accompanying

Feyel, Philippe - Robust Control Optimization with Metaheuristics, ebook

Robust Control Optimization with Metaheuristics

Feyel, Philippe


In the automotive industry, a Control Engineer must design a unique control law that is then tested and validated on a single prototype with a level of reliability high enough to to meet a number of complex specifications on various systems. In order

Tsai, Mi-Ching - Robust and Optimal Control, ebook

Robust and Optimal Control

Tsai, Mi-Ching


CSD Approach to Stabilization Control and H 2 Optimal Control
Mi-Ching Tsai, Da-Wei Gu
9. A CSD Approach to H-Infinity Controller Synthesis
Mi-Ching Tsai, Da-Wei Gu
10. Design Examples
Mi-Ching Tsai, Da-Wei Gu

Feyel, Philippe - Loop-shaping Robust Control, ebook

Loop-shaping Robust Control

Feyel, Philippe


The loop-shaping approach consists of obtaining a specification in relation to the open loop of the control from specifications regarding various closed loop transfers, because it is easier to work on a single transfer (in addition to the open loop) than on a multitude of transfers (various

Bergerman, Marcel - Robust Control of Robots, ebook

Robust Control of Robots

Bergerman, Marcel


Table of contents
1. Experimental Set Up
Adriano A. G. Siqueira, Marco H. Terra, Marcel Bergerman
2. Linear {mathcal H}_{user2 infty} Control
Adriano A. G. Siqueira, Marco H. Terra, Marcel Bergerman
3. Nonlinear {mathcal{H}}_{varvecinfty} Control
Adriano A. G. Siqueira, Marco H. Terra, Marcel Bergerman

Belmiloudi, Aziz - Stabilization, Optimal and Robust Control, ebook

Stabilization, Optimal and Robust Control

Belmiloudi, Aziz


General Results and Concepts on Robust and Optimal Control Theory for Evolutive Systems
6. Studied Systems and General Results
7. Optimal Control Problems
8. Stabilization and Robust Control Problem
9. Remarks on Numerical Techniques
III. Applications

Windt, Katja - Robust Manufacturing Control, ebook

Robust Manufacturing Control

Windt, Katja


Evaluating the Effects of Embedded Control Devices in Autonomous Logistic Processes
Steffen Sowade, Philipp Lamezan, Bernd Scholz-Reiter
12. Robustness of Complex Adaptive Logistics Systems: Effects of Autonomously Controlled

Feng, Yu - Robust Control of Linear Descriptor Systems, ebook

Robust Control of Linear Descriptor Systems

Feng, Yu


Dissipative Control Under Output Regulation
Yu Feng, Mohamed Yagoubi
5. Admissibility with Unstable and Nonproper Weights
Yu Feng, Mohamed Yagoubi
6. Performance with Unstable and Nonproper Weights
Yu Feng, Mohamed Yagoubi
7. Parametric Sensitivity