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Gauthier, Michael - Robotic Microassembly, ebook

Robotic Microassembly

Gauthier, Michael

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Discover the latest models and methods for robotic microassembly from around the world
This book presents and analyzes new and emerging models and methods developed around the world for robotic microassembly, a new and innovative way to produce better

Schlaefer, Alexander - Robotic Sailing, ebook

Robotic Sailing

Schlaefer, Alexander


A New Class for Robotic Sailing: The Robotic Racing Micro Magic
Alexander Schlaefer, Daniel Beckmann, Maximilian Heinig, Ralf Bruder
Part III. System Development
6. A Systems Engineering Approach to the Development of

Øvergård, Kjell Ivar - Robotic Sailing 2017, ebook

Robotic Sailing 2017

Øvergård, Kjell Ivar


Table of contents
Part I. Sails and Software for Autonomous Sailing
1. An Alternative Wing Sail Concept for Small Autonomous Sailing Craft
Paul Miller, Carolyn Judge, Dylan Sewell, Sean Williamson
2. Correlation of Velocity Prediction Program for Small Autonomous Sailboats
Paul Miller, Peter Hodapp, Ryan Pinch,

Bars, Fabrice Le - Robotic Sailing 2013, ebook

Robotic Sailing 2013

Bars, Fabrice Le


Table of contents
Part I. Hardware Design
1. MARIUS: A Sailbot for Sea-Sailing
Cédric Anthierens, Elodie Pauly, François Jeay
2. Development of a Low-Budget Robotic Sailboat
Christoph Schröder, Lars Hertel
3. VAIMOS: Realization of an Autonomous Robotic Sailboat
Olivier Ménage, Aymeric

Alves, José C. - Robotic Sailing 2016, ebook

Robotic Sailing 2016

Alves, José C.


Table of contents
Part I. Sailboat Platforms
1. Free Rotating Wingsail Arrangement for Åland Sailing Robots
Teo Enqvist, Anna Friebe, Florian Haug
2. Barlavento - Considerations About the Design of an Autonomous Sailboat
Pedro Castro…

Dawande, Milind W. - Throughput Optimization in Robotic Cells, ebook

Throughput Optimization in Robotic Cells

Dawande, Milind W.


A Classification Scheme for Robotic Cells and Notation
3. Cyclic Production
4. Dual-Gripper Robots
5. Parallel Machines
6. Multiple-Part-Type Production: Single-Gripper Robots
7. Multiple-Part-Type Production: Dual-Gripper Robots
8. Multiple-Robot

Zhang, Dan - Parallel Robotic Machine Tools, ebook

Parallel Robotic Machine Tools

Zhang, Dan


Spatial Parallel Robotic Machines with Prismatic Actuators
Dan Zhang
6. Spatial Parallel Robotic Machines with Revolute Actuators
Dan Zhang
7. Reconfigurable Parallel Kinematic Machine Tools
Dan Zhang

Tarn, Tzyh-Jong - Robotic Welding, Intelligence and Automation, ebook

Robotic Welding, Intelligence and Automation

Tarn, Tzyh-Jong


Autonomous Seam Acquisition and Tracking for Robotic Welding Based on Passive Vision
Shanchun Wei, Meng Kong, Tao Lin, Shanben Chen
6. A Framework of Intelligent Remanufacturing System Based on Robotic Arc Welding
Ziqiang Yin, Guangjun Zhang, Hongming