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Brighetti, Gianni - Risk Tolerance in Financial Decision Making, ebook

Risk Tolerance in Financial Decision Making

Brighetti, Gianni


The Role of Risk in the Investment Decision Process: Traditional vs Behavioural Finance
Camilla Mazzoli, Nicoletta Marinelli
3. Household Behaviour and Debt Demand
Daniela Vandone
4. The Traditional Approach to Risk Tolerance
Nicoletta Marinelli,

Colosimo, Bianca M. - Geometric Tolerances, ebook

Geometric Tolerances

Colosimo, Bianca M.


Geometric Tolerance Evaluation Using Combined Vision – Contact Techniques and Other Data Fusion Approaches
Gianni Campatelli
7. Statistical Shape Analysis of Manufacturing Data
Enrique Castillo
Part III. Impact on Statistical Process Monitoring

Horcher, Karen A. - Essentials of Financial Risk Management, ebook

Essentials of Financial Risk Management

Horcher, Karen A.


A concise introduction to financial risk management strategies, policies, and techniques
This ideal guide for business professionals focuses on strategic and management issues associated with financial risk. Essentials of Financial Risk

Mamode, Nizam - Abdominal Organ Transplantation: State of the Art, ebook

Abdominal Organ Transplantation: State of the Art

Mamode, Nizam


It covers such vital topics as living donation (both renal and liver), laparoscopic and robotic techniques, islet and pancreas transplantation, non-heart beating transplantation, blood group incompatible and highly sensitized transplantation, high risk transplants,

UNKNOWN - Guidelines for Developing Quantitative Safety Risk Criteria, ebook

Guidelines for Developing Quantitative Safety Risk Criteria



* Written by a committee of safety professionals, this book creates a foundation document for the development and application of risk tolerance criteria
* Helps safety managers evaluate the frequency, severity and consequence of human injury
* Includes examples of risk tolerance