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Finnerty, John D. - Project Financing: Asset-Based Financial Engineering, ebook

Project Financing: Asset-Based Financial Engineering

Finnerty, John D.


A timely update to one of the most well-received books on project financing
As an effective alternative to conventional direct financing, project financing has become one of the hottest topics in corporate finance. It's being used more and more frequently—and more successfully—on

Nijs, Luc - Mezzanine Financing: Tools, Applications and Total Performance, ebook

Mezzanine Financing: Tools, Applications and Total Performance

Nijs, Luc


Experienced chairman, lecturer, and professor of investment banking Luc Nijs presents readers with a thorough description of product groups, structuring and pricing, and cultural discrepancies in terms of regulation and application in Mezzanine Financing: Tools, Applications

Molyneux, Philip - Bank Performance, Risk and Firm Financing, ebook

Bank Performance, Risk and Firm Financing

Molyneux, Philip


Bank Risk and Analysts’ Forecasts
Mario Anolli, Elena Beccalli
4. Foreign Banks in Central Eastern Europe: Impact of Foreign Governance on Bank Performance
Ewa Miklaszewska, Katarzyna Mikolajczyk
5. Financial Crisis and Bank Profitability

Roberts, Ralph R. - Financing Real Estate Investments For Dummies, ebook

Financing Real Estate Investments For Dummies

Roberts, Ralph R.


Your practical guide to scoring cash to fuel your real estate investments
Want to be a smart, successful real estate investor? This no-nonsense guide contains everything you must know to make the right choices about financing your investments — from the various options available

Zhao, Linda Shuo - Financing Illegal Migration, ebook

Financing Illegal Migration

Zhao, Linda Shuo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Linda Shuo Zhao
2. Chinese Underground Banks in China and the United States: Background
Linda Shuo Zhao
3. Main Clientele and Operators of Underground Banks: Analysis and Findings
Linda Shuo Zhao

Koh, Jae Myong - Green Infrastructure Financing, ebook

Green Infrastructure Financing

Koh, Jae Myong


Diverse Risks of Developing Countries’ Infrastructure Markets
Jae Myong Koh
5. A Root Cause of Diverse Risks and Root-Level Solutions
Jae Myong Koh
Part III. Components of Bankable Projects
6. Carbon Markets

Paolucci, Francesco - Health Care Financing and Insurance, ebook

Health Care Financing and Insurance

Paolucci, Francesco


The Design of Health Care Financing Schemes in Different Countries
Francesco Paolucci
4. The Potential for Risk Rating in Competitive Markets for Supplementary Health Insurance: An Empirical Analysis
Francesco Paolucci