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Bierce, Ambrose - The Middle Toe of the Right Foot, ebook

The Middle Toe of the Right Foot

Bierce, Ambrose


The Middle Toe of the Right Foot is a story by Ambrose Bierce about a house haunted by strange ghosts: in fact, there is clear evidence about the fact that Manton house is haunted. One day, four men decide to stay a few nights in the house and during the evening conversations they learn

Hann, Matt - Egalitarian Rights Recognition, ebook

Egalitarian Rights Recognition

Hann, Matt


Hannah Arendt: The Rights of Man, the Political Community, Judgment and Recognition
Matt Hann
4. Societies of Rights: What Does a Political Community Look Like?
Matt Hann
5. Rights Recognition and Cosmopolitanism:

Sun, Pinghua - Human Rights Protection System in China, ebook

Human Rights Protection System in China

Sun, Pinghua


The Dynamics of Human Rights Protection in China
Pinghua Sun
3. The First White Paper: Human Rights in China
Pinghua Sun
4. “The State Respects and Guarantees Human Rights” Included in the Constitution

Thielbörger, Pierre - The Right(s) to Water, ebook

The Right(s) to Water

Thielbörger, Pierre


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pierre Thielbörger
2. The Current Legal Status of the Right to Water
Pierre Thielbörger
3. Philosophical and Conceptual Approaches to a Human Right to Water
Pierre Thielbörger
4. Implementation: Independent Monitoring, Enforcement Against the Private Sector, and

Stavenhagen, Rodolfo - Pioneer on Indigenous Rights, ebook

Pioneer on Indigenous Rights

Stavenhagen, Rodolfo


The Author’s Relevant Papers on Indigenous Rights and Other Topics: Selective Bibliography
Rodolfo Stavenhagen
3. Seven Fallacies About Latin America (1965)
Rodolfo Stavenhagen
4. Decolonializing Applied Social Sciences (1971)
Rodolfo Stavenhagen

Roth, John K. - Genocide and Human Rights, ebook

Genocide and Human Rights

Roth, John K.


Resistance, Responsibility, and Human Rights: Philosophy’s Response to Genocide
19. Genocide and Social Death
Claudia Card
20. Genocide and the “Logic” of Racism
John K. Roth
21. The Right to Life, Genocide,