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Akínyẹmí, Akíntúndé - Orature and Yorùbá Riddles, ebook

Orature and Yorùbá Riddles

Akínyẹmí, Akíntúndé


Yorùbá Riddles in Performance: Content and Context
Akíntúndé Akínyẹmí
3. Riddles and Metaphors: The Creation of Meaning
Akíntúndé Akínyẹmí
4. The Dynamics of Tale-Riddling
Akíntúndé Akínyẹmí
5. The Variability and Function

Wallwork, Adrian - Word Games, Riddles and Logic Tests, ebook

Word Games, Riddles and Logic Tests

Wallwork, Adrian


Introduction to the games, riddles and verses used in this book
Adrian Wallwork
2. We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!
Adrian Wallwork
3. The scientist should treasure the riddles he can’t solve

Wolosky, Shira - <Emphasis Type="Italic">The Riddles of</Emphasis> Harry Potter, ebook

The Riddles of Harry Potter

Wolosky, Shira


Table of contents
1. The Magic of Harry Potter
Shira Wolosky
2. Double Meanings
Shira Wolosky
3. Well-Spotted: Plots and Reversals
Shira Wolosky
4. The Turns of Time: Memory, Prediction, Prophecy
Shira Wolosky
5. Mirror…

Yates, Irene - How to be Brilliant at Writing Poetry, ebook

How to be Brilliant at Writing Poetry

Yates, Irene


The activities include: finding a beginning; using words to paint a picture; making up similes; rhyming; writing limericks, haikus, acrostic poems, riddles, cinquains, rondelets, poems that repeat a line, and poems that go on and on...

Parker, Timothy E. - Brain Games For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Brain Games For Dummies®

Parker, Timothy E.


Brain Games For Dummies features 300 fun mental exercises that will keep readers' neurons firing: 100 crossword puzzles, 75 Sudoku puzzles, 50 word searches, 25 word scrambles, 25 cryptograms, 15 riddles, and 10 logic puzzles, along with complete solutions. Ranked

Henderson-Sellers, Ann - The Climate Modelling Primer, ebook

The Climate Modelling Primer

Henderson-Sellers, Ann


As a consequence of recent increased awareness of the social and political dimensions of climate, many non-specialists discover a need for information about the variety of available climate models. A Climate Modelling Primer, Fourth Edition is designed…

Bainbridge, Caroline - A Feminine Cinematics, ebook

A Feminine Cinematics

Bainbridge, Caroline


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Caroline Bainbridge
2. Reading the Feminine with Irigaray
Caroline Bainbridge
3. Spectatorship, Cinematic Strategy and Mediation
Caroline Bainbridge
4. Practising the Feminine: Contexts of Production, Direction and Reception
Caroline Bainbridge
5. Fantasy and

Grimm, Brothers - The Riddle, ebook

The Riddle

Grimm, Brothers


Then they arrive to a town where a princess wants people to pose riddles for her. If she solves it, they get killed. If she can't, she marries the one who posed the riddle. And we ask you - do you have any guesses about the riddle our prince and his servant posed and