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Bosia, Nicola - Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain Technology, ebook

Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain Technology

Bosia, Nicola


Discussion—How Does the Full Potential of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Finance Look Like?
Erik Hofmann, Urs Magnus Strewe, Nicola Bosia
7. Conclusion—What Can We Learn from Blockchain-Driven Supply Chain Finance?

Sarkis, Joseph - Greening the Supply Chain, ebook

Greening the Supply Chain

Sarkis, Joseph


Integrating Quality, Environmental and Supply Chain Management Systems into the Learning Organisation
Toufic Mezher, Maher Ajam
5. Network Dynamics of an Energy Supply Chain:

An, Chae - Supply Chain Management on Demand, ebook

Supply Chain Management on Demand

An, Chae


Table of contents
1. Beyond ROI
William Grey, Kaan Katircioglu, Dailun Shi, Sugato Bagchi, Guillermo Gallego, Mark Adelhelm, Dave Seybold, Stavros Stefanis
2. Supply Chain Simulation
Steve Buckley, Chae An
3. Inventory Management in High Technology Value Chains
Feng Cheng, Markus Ettl, Grace Lin, David

Dolgui, Alexandre - Supply Chain Optimisation, ebook

Supply Chain Optimisation

Dolgui, Alexandre


Modelling of the Supply Chain for a Distributed Publishing Enterprise
Oleg Zaikin, Przemyslaw Korytkowski, Emma Kushtina, Bartlomiej Malachowski
Part II:.Optimisation Methods
9. Hybrid Methods for Line Balancing Problems

Helmold, Marc - Global Sourcing and Supply Management Excellence in China, ebook

Global Sourcing and Supply Management Excellence in China

Helmold, Marc


Table of contents
1. Supply Management in China
Marc Helmold, Brian Terry
2. Supply Management Strategy
Marc Helmold, Brian Terry
3. Supply Performance Management
Marc Helmold, Brian Terry
4. Supply Change Management
Marc Helmold, Brian Terry
5. Supply Lean Management
Marc Helmold, Brian