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Kehl, Konstantin - Social Return on Investment Analysis, ebook

Social Return on Investment Analysis

Kehl, Konstantin


Table of contents
1. Introduction: What Is an SROI Analysis? How Does It Relate to Other Forms of Analysis? Why Is Impact Key?
Volker Then, Christian Schober, Olivia Rauscher, Konstantin Kehl
2. What Interests Do Organisations Pursue with an…

Hall, Charles A.S. - Energy Return on Investment, ebook

Energy Return on Investment

Hall, Charles A.S.


Energy Return on Investment as Master Driver of Evolution
Charles A. S. Hall
7. Maximum Power and Biology
Charles A. S. Hall
Part III. Energy and Human Economies
8. Energy in Early Human Economies

Chancellor, Edward - Capital Returns, ebook

Capital Returns

Chancellor, Edward


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Edward Chancellor
Part I. Investment Philosophy
2. Capital Cycle Revolution
Edward Chancellor
3. Value in Growth
Edward Chancellor
4. Management Matters
Edward Chancellor
Part II. Boom, Bust, Boom
5. Accidents in Waiting
Edward Chancellor
6. The