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Resnik, David B. - Responsible Conduct of Research, ebook

Responsible Conduct of Research

Resnik, David B.


Intellectual Property 7. Conflict of Interest and Scientific Objectivity 8. Collaboration between Academia and Private Industry 9. The Use of Human Subjects in Research 10. The Use of Animals in Research 11. Genetics and Human Reproduction 12. The Scientist in

Floridi, Luciano - The Responsibilities of Online Service Providers, ebook

The Responsibilities of Online Service Providers

Floridi, Luciano


Is Google Responsible for Providing Fair and Unbiased Results?
Dirk Lewandowski
5. Speaking Truth to/as Victims – A Jurisprudential Analysis of Data Breach Notification Laws
Burkhard Schafer
6. Did the Romans Get It Right? What Delfi, Google, eBay,

Myers, Danny - New Economic Thinking and Real Estate, ebook

New Economic Thinking and Real Estate

Myers, Danny


New Economic Thinking and Real Estate offers a modern and distinctive approach to forecasting and understanding property markets. With this book, students will develop an intuitive ability to interpret economic indicators and acquire the confidence to assess property

Velisek, Jan - The Chemistry of Food, ebook

The Chemistry of Food

Velisek, Jan

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The second half of the book deals with compounds responsible for odour, taste and colour that determine the sensory quality of food materials and foods. It further includes chapters devoted to antinutritional, toxic and other biologically active substances, food additives

Andre, Damien - Discrete Element Method to Model 3D Continuous Materials, ebook

Discrete Element Method to Model 3D Continuous Materials

Andre, Damien


When homogenization fails to give the right behavior law, a solution is to simulate the material at a meso scale in order to simulate directly a set of discrete properties that are responsible of the macroscopic behavior.  The discrete element model has been developed